AppKu™ turns your day-to-day
process & paperwork into a streamlined app.

Welcome to the new age.
Using your heart & mind, while leveraging AppKu, you can...
Power your process, and Empower your team.™

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AppKu™ helps your organization break the mold &  save millions of dollars which would have been wasted on traditional "software studios" and "consultants" by putting you back in control of your team  &  your process.
Need a software engineer to help update your process? No problem - they're right here. Trying to plan out your team's new tool? We'll give you confidence with an amazing plan backed by technical expertise.
"I need to hire software engineers and firms just to stay in business!" Wrong! This is a traditional way of thinking - and it's costing you! AppKu™ eliminates the barrier to digitizing and maintaining your day-to-day process & throws out the minimums that software vendors and hires require.

Think Differently

It’s true, your business needs modern, digital apps to power your unique day-to-day process - but with AppKu™, you no longer need to worry about managing software developers and vendors. Instead, AppKu™ provides you direct access to a team that helps you build & support your process all on a simple, low cost monthly plan. Best of all, expenses are in your control, and it’s easy to get a surge of expertise and effort whenever you need it most.

Let’s Get Started #

Thank you for deciding to reach us at AppKu™ We are currently accepting interested medium to large-sized businesses and organizations operating in the United States of America on a first-come first-serve basis.

To get started, we need to know a few things about your ideas (projects, improvements, etc.) and organization.

If you’d like to talk with us, please reach us at: 1-(800) 375-3361 x300