AppKu™ Power your process, empower your team.

AppKu™ Power your process, empower your team.™

In 2023 we launched AppKu™ with a dream to be an organization with phenomenal culture & sustainable growth that provides a loved and well-known product to organizations throughout the nation that would power their process, and empower their team.

At our heart, we are a digital process transformation company. There are so many organizations struggling with technology, trying to get their day-to-day work out of the old krungy software, filing cabinets and Excel files- and into a straight-forward, well-supported and evolving-with-needs software applications.

These organizations are repeatedly suffering poor experiences with software studios and vulture-like staffing companies that just lead to staff turnover and technology debt - we are going to disrupt that operating model, and if we can, eliminate it. Finally, organizations will be able to focus on what they do best, instead of feeling forced to become a haphazard, involuntary, software company.

AppKu™ is more than just an app, it's a team. It's a team by your side to help support your dream long-term, to help your team flourish and excited to do what they do best. Every team, every organization, every process, is unique - which is why AppKu™ is platform of apps - each distinct from one another, tailored for those who use it.
In fact, AppKu™ means apps your way.™

Your process may be a recipe for disaster, AppKu™ will turn it into a recipe for success.

Who we Are

AppKu™ is a private firm located in Milwaukie, Oregon. We're a small team of professionals building the apps that power the processes of recognizable brands, including those that span globally.

Our team is small, but our passion drives us to be the best-in-class- the gurus of technology, and it is relentless. Below, you'll find a few of these fine folks who are on our team.

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Mailing Address
Append Media, LLC
PO Box 22349
Portland, OR 97269
Milwaukie Office
11165 SE 23rd Ave, Ste B
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Christopher, President of AppKu Christopher

President Business Team

Zeal Zeal

Sr+ Software Engineer Tech Team

Patrick Patrick

Sr Software Engineer Tech Team

Andrew Andrew

Jr+ Software Engineer Tech Team