AppKu™ turns your day-to-day
process & paperwork into a streamlined app.

Welcome to the new age.
Using your heart & mind, while leveraging AppKu, you can...
Power your process, and Empower your team.™

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AppKu™ is a product built to help support, maintain, improve, and create apps that power your process, and empower your team.

We do this by giving you direct access to our team of technology professionals, such as software engineers and architects. They work with you to modernize and digitize your day-to-day processes using the comprehensive AppKu™ process. Whether it’s a database to help forecast the supply chain, or organizing customer records and retiring the messy Excel files and paper filing cabinets- our team knows how to turn your ideas into reality.

Apps At-a-Glance #

Here’s just a few types of apps AppKu™ can help you create:

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Form Processing
Inventory Management
Customer Management
Records Analysis
Forecasting Tools
Journeys & Historicals
Systems Information Exchange
Automated Tasks

Platforms #


How? #

With AppKu™ you’ll see you ideas come to life as our team leverages your organizations available (energy) to perform tasks. Don’t worry, your organization & team will never be left behind! Your AppKu™ purchase automatically recharges every month! Best of all, if you need to move faster, you can grab an surge whenever you need it!

Through AppKu™ you gain access to the greatest process & app team on the planet - and access to a platform built for organizations like yours. Finally, you’ll have a professional team at-hand that helps you turn your day-to-day process into amazing digital application.

Pricing #

6-Month AppKu™ Plan 12-Month AppKu™ Plan
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  • AppKu™
    • Access to Coming Soon!
    • Rapid Support & Response
    • Curated Process Improvement
    • AppKu Engineers On-Hand
    • + 10 Bonus Energy Surge FREE
    • + 5 Monthly Recharge FREE
    • Only$699/mo.

      Massive savings every year!

      + $0 Energy Surge
    • Excluded from Plan
  • Power Up! Get more Energy!
    • Recharge Boost

      Increases your monthly energy recharge.
      Get a Recharge Boost so you can adapt to the shifting strategies, changing markets, and fulfill the ongoing needs of your team every month.

    • + 5 / mo.
    • + 10 / mo.
    • + 25 / mo.
    • The standard unit price of energy is $160. Recharge Boost and Energy Surge bundles includes a standard discount.

    • Energy Surge

      An immediate one-time purchase of energy.
      Sometimes you just need to get a lot done! With an Energy Surge you are giving yourself a buffer to rapidly add and support exciting features.

    • + 25
    • + 50
    • + 100

    The standard unit price of energy is $160. Recharge Boost and Energy Surge bundles includes a standard discount.

  • Price Breakdown Value Included!
    • Options AppKu™ Means Apps Your Way™
    • Qualified Discounts
  • Skip AppKu™: I already have it and just need power-ups!
  • Apply my qualifying non-profit or community action agency discount.
  • Apply my qualified founder's discount (customer before 2024).

What’s in Energy?

Easy! It’s our measure of time, effort, and expertise going into your processes by the AppKu systems & team in the course of one hour. Just like most online platforms, this includes the AppKu system processing time, storage amount, network transfer, and team involvement.

What if we don’t Use all the Energy?

It will stay available for your team to use for up to 3 years or until your organization’s AppKu™ plan expires. You are only billed for energy expended.

How Many do I Need? #

You only need a single ongoing AppKu™ purchase for your organization to utilize AppKu™
You can scale up and down your support and continuous improvement through the use of energy as you see fit. We only bill for energy expended.

Ready? Set. Go! #

Ready to get your project rolling? We’ll help you turn your vision into apps that your team will

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