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Environmental Impact Our Commitment

Flower AppKu™ has made a commitment to publicly report our estimated carbon impact on the environment from our cloud and local computing resources. We are able to provide this estimation by capturing metrics from our infrastructure directly and present it to you. We want you to be aware of this information so you can make the right decision to work with AppKu™, generally helping our customers reduce their environmental impact.

We're an organization built to power your process, and empower your team™, which does take computing power! Luckily, we use some of the greenest computing on the market, with data centers utilizing sustainable power options, and that operate 100% carbon neutral and goals to be 100% carbon-free by 2030.

Our office location uses a 100% renewable power plan, and is generated from wind, solar, biomass and low impact hydro-electric power sources. It also helps build even more sources of renewable power here in state, Oregon.

One Month At a Glance

The environmental impact of electricity consumed by AppKu™ powering data centers is calculated by a measure of the grid carbon intensity and energy from carbon-free energy sources.

Our Data

We compute these estimates based on our data provided by data centers and information from our power company.
This data will be updated monthly. There are three categories we show:

  • AppKu™ On-Site - Local fossil fuel emissions.
  • AppKu™ Power Grid - Data center power grid electricity-based emissions.
  • AppKu™ Inclusive - Employee travel and emissions from data center hardware & construction.

Did you know?

Coming in 2024!
Your apps powered by AppKu™ will provide your carbon emissions estimate (KgCO₂e) through your AppKu™ dashboard automatically!